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A pair of filmmakers have released a gay-themed parody of Disney’s ‘Bears’ nature documentary. The spoof is incredibly close to the original film trailer, released earlier this year.

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You know what I’m honestly terrified about? When the United States finally gets marriage equality, and it will, people are going to say, “gay people have equal rights, they don’t have anymore problems.” People will completely forget about violence, murders, proper representation, homeless youth, lack of education, and every problem within the lgbtq+ community, just because people of the same gender can get married. That’s so fucking scary to me.

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Vitality Magazine's goal is to tell interesting, entertaining stories featuring all sexualities and all genders in all genres and mediums where the focus of the story is NOT on the character’s sexuality/gender. We currently have a free minizine available for download on our website, and are running a kickstarter. Help us spread the word so we can make Vitality awesome!

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