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Is everyone clear on what’s going on in Russia with LGBTQ peoples. CAUSE YOU SHOULD BE. What’s going on is absolutely horrifically disgusting and it turns my stomach. Russia is home to people just like you and me except their government is telling them how they can and cannot live and who they can and cannot LOVE. This is heartbreaking. Ask yourself how you can help our Russian brothers and sisters. Lets not be quiet about this. We can all help.

Ways you can help:


VISIT allout.org This website will inform you of the chaos in Russia and other areas of the world where being gay is a crime. Help allout.org by donations and/or signing they’re demands to governments across the world for EQUALITY and PEACE.



It is just appalling to see how Russian youth are being brainwashed into a doctrine of hatred!  Our gay Tumblr community must know what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Russia.  Russia wants to be seen as a progressive country by hosting the Olympics, but with human rights being violated this way, Russia only appears barbaric to the free world and any right thinking person.  PLEASE, AT LEAST RE-BLOG THIS.

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Portia Degeneres appreciation post

Portia Degeneres (formally Portia de Rossi) is an Australian turned American actress and model. She is well known for her role in Arrested Development, Ally McBeal and of course, her famous relationship to tv show host, Ellen Degeneres.

Portia Degeneres has suffered through anorexia and bulimia and published a book titled “Unbearable Lightness” that details the hard times she has had. The book goes into great detail about how much she struggled to accept and be open about her sexual orientation. As a young, lesbian actress she remained in the closet, convinced it was the only way to keep her career.

She was engaged to a man and dated lots of guys so the media did not suspect her sexual orientation. She lived a very secret life that even she struggled to accept. When the media first posted images of her and her then girlfriend, she denied that reports and told everyone that she was straight.

She is a wonderful example for young girls who are struggling with mental illness, as well as their sexual identity. She has come through the other end a well rounded, healthy, happy person who has a wonderful relationship and is no longer fearful of how she is perceived by others.

This woman struggled greatly with her sexual orientation, just like we all do, and came out the other end as such a positive, strong role model. It’s a shame that there are people in the public eye who are still scared to be out and open. It is because of so many of these people that LGBT youth feel they are not alone.

Portia de Rossi/Portia Degeneres is someone I admire greatly. Her book changed my perspective on so many things.

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Marriage equality will, in time, fundamentally destroy “traditional marriage,” and I, for one, will dance on its grave.

It’s not a terribly difficult conclusion to draw.

As same-sex couples marry, they will be forced to re-imagine many tenets of your “traditional marriage.” In doing so, they will face a series of complicated questions:

Should one of us change our last name? And if so, who?

Should we have kids? Do we want to have kids? How do we want to have kids? Whose last name do our kids take?

How about housework, work-work, childcare? How do we assign these roles equitably? How do we cultivate a partnership that honors each of our professional and personal ambitions?

As questions continually arise, heterosexual couples will take notice — and be forced to address how much “traditional marriage” is built on gender roles and perpetuates a nauseating inequality that has no place in 2014.

Marriage Equality Is Destroying “Traditional Marriage,” And Why That’s A Good Thing (An Open Letter) | Carina Kolodny for the Huffington Post Gay Voices (via samtarly)

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