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This is a boa constrictor, it’s a snake (duh). The way it kills it’s prey is by wrapping itself around it and then squeezing tighter when the victim breathes out. A Boa and an Ace bandage have that in common… An ace bandage is designed to apply pressure to a twisted ankle or wrist. Much like a snake, its function is to hold a body part as tightly as it can and when this method is used in binding, the results can be very dangerous. While it’s elasticity and cheap price may be appealing for those in need of a binder, there is no healthy and safe way to bind using an ace bandage. 

Duct tape is another resource many Transguys turn to. This is also very dangerous. In order to get duct tape to produce the desired ‘flat’ appearance, it would have to be extremely tight. When your lungs can’t naturally fill to a normal capacity your body is receiving less oxygen than it should and long term could cause minor brain damage and fatigue. Reoccurring binding sessions can even leave you bruised. 

Showing images of ftms using ace bandages to bind has become an iconic form of gender expression. While using it in art to represent binding may occur all over the interwebs, this is NOT a safe way to bind and alternative methods should be used.

Please check out some of our website articles on the topic:

Some useful stuff for transguys here. Take a look, fellas!

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    Please never never never never use bandages or anything other than actual clothing for binding! This is very important!
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