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Love the sinner, hate the sin? What about it? I mean, think about it. Isn’t it like saying, ‘I love left-handed people but hate that they’re left-handed.’ Is that really love? Or is that saying, ‘I’m willing to love you as I’d like you to be, not as you are’? Either God’s love is unconditional or it’s not. Besides… Did Jesus ever say, ‘hate the sin’? Or was his message, love the sinner and forgive sins, for who of you is without sin?
The God Box, by Alex Sanchez

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Christian Evangelicals: Don’t You Dare Love Your Gays Kids

Another wonderful pronouncements from on high. Televangelist megastar Sean McDowell tells his followers that parents who decide to love and accept their gay kids are just going to bury them after they die from AIDS. Lovely. Video below..

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Nevermind all the credited national research that says not loving and accepting your children for who they are greatly increases likelihood of depression and/or suicide. What’s important is that all gay people have AIDS and that’s the consequence of loving homos!

This post bothers me. It’s less about what the Evangelicals say, it’s nothing new, but what the OP writes. The people in the video never say “Do not love your gay kids,” but think that what they’re doing by not accepting their children for who they are is the best way to love them. It’s skewed logic, obviously and flat out insane but that’s why we have to be there to fight it, not twist their words to make them sound even worse. They think they’re helping, and we have to show them that they’re not. 

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I’m not catholic or even religious. But this is awesome. And this is not an ‘atheist-only’ blog (and I’d be ashamed if it was) so I thought some of you might appreciate this poster as well.

I like this.

I really like this campaign. I am proud to see a group of Catholics advocating condoms, safe-sex, and same-sex couples. 





I’m not catholic or even religious. But this is awesome. And this is not an ‘atheist-only’ blog (and I’d be ashamed if it was) so I thought some of you might appreciate this poster as well.

I like this.

I really like this campaign. I am proud to see a group of Catholics advocating condoms, safe-sex, and same-sex couples. 

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Yes, biological reproduction necessitates a sperm and an egg. However, not all heterosexual marriages are capable of biological reproduction. The first marriage I officiated as a priest was between two people in there 70’s. The Catholic Church has always recognized marriages incapable of biological reproduction as valid and sacramental marriages. In fact, in the marriage rites of the Catholic Church references to children appear in red brackets. This is so the priest may easily omit such references in the cases where the begetting of children is impossible. So if two heterosexuals (who are incapable of reproduction) may enter into marriage, which the Catholic Church defines as a “Union of Love and Life”, then why can’t two people homosexuals enter into marriage?
Father Geoff of the Catholic Church

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Homosexuality & Same-Sex Marriage


If you didn’t know it before, you know it now: I am an advocate for same-sex marriage. I am also part of the Roman Catholic church. I’m fairly certain that you can see some problems there already.

I grew up pretty much breathing Catholicism. My parents are both Catholic; my mom and her side of the family are all strong Catholics, and my dad was converted from an atheist before he married her. So my mom in particular was the one that usually had the most influence on me when it came to teaching me about God, about the Bible, and so on and so forth. However, we never addressed what I like to call ‘taboo’ issues, which is probably why unlike other Christians who say they grew up being taught that homosexuality is a sin, I didn’t really think much of the issue at all. And I didn’t quite develop any kind of views on it until perhaps middle school…? I don’t really remember. My point here is, my support for same-sex marriage and my views on homosexuality was completely self-developed, based on my personal beliefs, which then mixed into my religious ones.

So let’s start with the religion part. According to the Catholic church, the state of homosexuality is NOT a sin. I agree; I believe that being gay is a biological condition, and therefore cannot be a sin if the thoughts or feelings that occur are unintentional, if not unwanted. No one chooses to be gay; no one chooses to be different from everybody else. No one chooses to be cruelly bullied and hurt everyday for being attracted to the same sex. No one chooses to feel depressed or to commit suicide because they can’t handle the difficulties of standing out. No one chooses to be judged. Did you hear that, misguided Christians? No one chooses to be judged.

Now, the issue turns into a grey area when it comes to marriage. Here, the Catholic church condemns it for several reasons. One of them is the idea of marriage—how the whole purpose of marriage is to procreate. The Catholic church condemns the acts of homosexuals, because that goes against this teaching. But I don’t really agree with this. I don’t see why two people who love each other cannot be with each other simply because they don’t have the right body parts that “fit,” if you know what I mean. If they were made that way, isn’t it cruel for fellow Christians to completely rip them apart for being who they are and for wanting to be with someone they love, just like any other straight person?

The last part of this issue is of course, separation of church and state. When this goes outside my views as a Catholic, it’s a whole separate issue. The fact that same-sex marriage even has to be “approved” is sickening. I mean, you’re treating homosexuals as some sort of second class citizens, like they need some sort of approval from the government in order to get married. I don’t understand things like Prop 8—what kind of arguments could they possibly be giving to go against gay marriage? I certainly can’t think of anything that wouldn’t violate a citizen’s CIVIL RIGHTS to be married to the person of their choice, regardless of sexual orientation.

To bring this little post to a close, I’ll end it on a personal level. Over the past years, I’ve had the fortune to meet and befriend several people with different sexual orientations than mine. At one point, I’ve had a friend come out to me as bisexual, and although at that time it was admittedly hard to accept because I’ve never had to confront the issue so personally, I evaluated my thinking and reaffirmed what I already knew: we are all different, yet we are the same. We may be different in appearance and sexual orientation, but at the end of the day, we are all human. We are all people. We cry the same tears, we share the same laughs, and we make the same mistakes.

My final point is, whether you are religious or not, read these words carefully and live by them. I could care less if you were against homosexuality or same-sex marriage. No one gave you the power to judge someone for being who they are; trust me, you’re not that awesome.

Thanks for being an ally! I have a lot of respect for you :] <3

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Pope visits Spain, greeted by gay kissing flash mob

The Pope visited Barcelona, Spain on Sunday, and was greeted by gay kissing flash mob. Participants were protesting the Pope’s condemnation of gay marriage laws in Spain.

The flash mob, which was organized on Facebook, attracted around 200 participants, according to the New York Times.

“Many gay Spaniards don’t see why they should pay for the Pope’s visits, only to have their way of life criticized”

During the Pope’s homily on Sunday, he defended traditional families and denounced Spanish laws allowing gay marriage.

The protest gained more media attention last week, when Facebook shut down the event’s page, but was later reinstated. A Facebook official stated that the event was created by a fake account, which violates Facebook’s policies.

Gay marriage has been legal in Spain since 2005. A 2007 Pew Research study showed that 82% of Spain supported homosexuality and 9% did not (9% were unsure).

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