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Alicia’s American Sign Language Dictionary.  Alicia is showing you four important signs in ASL:  ”I Love You,” “Queer,” “Bisexual,” and “Transgender.” 

When you’re talking about someone’s identity, make sure to only use words they’re OK with. 

If anyone has suggestions to improve these pages, they are very much welcome. 

Mq. & Mrs. is a queer/trans coloring book in progress that only uses real people as models.  New pages are published every Sunday at noon. Interested in modeling for a page? See our site for more info.  

I have seen BISEXUAL and TRANSGENDER before, but I normally see QUEER fingerspelled. Keep in mind that these are not always universally accepted by the Deaf community (unlike the signs for GAY or LESBIAN which are easy to google) and sometimes you will have to fingerspell these out anyway. But the only way a new sign is made is by being used so I encourage spreading these around.

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