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Hi, I’m Elliot. I’m a 24 year old psych major. I currently identify as gender queer. I have decided to get a complete breast removal in the near future and have been considering a gender reassignment surgery. Lately I have been suffering from gender dysphoria and I am just looking for a little extra support. Thanks. <3

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My parents hacked my email and outed me by force

They are firm, conservative Christians and… Well… My girlfriend’s beautiful face and love letters in my email did not sit well with them. They screamed at me from 9pm to 3am in the morning, I just cried and stared at the clock through tears. Some of the things they said: “perverse” “whore” “unnatural” “disgrace to the family” “rather you were pregnant or on drugs” “hope you rot in hell, stupid faggot”… Needless to say all of my privileges were taken away. I had to stay there an entire day before they agreed to let me call my father to come pick me up, during that time I was told how selfish, narrcisitic, and what a horrible person I was for wanting to leave. I couldn’t breathe, I thought about ending it… My eyes were completely swollen from crying and I couldn’t keep any food down for days even after I left. I was terrified and still am. People here don’t understand that having the two people you love that swore to always love you and treate you with kindness suddenly turning on you and ripping at your throat because of who you love is just as bad as physical abuse. I’m currently staying with my dad for the summer (who I came out to last month and is completely supportive) who lives two hours away, and I would move in with him if it weren’t for my school… My school will not transfer my credits correctly because they do not want to lose the state money of my aditdance, if I changed schools I would have to start over as a sophomore. I’m a senior, 17, and I live in Texas. My girlfriend and I have no money to speak of and her parents refuse to let me stay in their house because while they support their daughter’s sexuality, they will not have her girlfriend sleeping in the same house.

If things continue at this rate… I’ll be forced to return to my “mother’s” home where I will be forced to sleep on a mat, have no friends, be verbally and emotionally abused daily, and come home every day after school only to lay on my mat till bed then get up the next morning and go to school. No movies. No internet. No freedom. No outdoors. No girlfriend. Just thinking about that makes the depression loom over my head. By sharing this, I hope to let other lgbt teens know that what they’re going through… They aren’t alone. Someone like me is suffering just like them, and I am here to love my family even if their family doesn’t love them back and it seems like the world is caving in.


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