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Hey! I am actually doing a research paper on Homophobia and everything you’ve post so far has been very helpful! :D I was wondering if there are other sources that will be helpful for me for completion on the research?

I’m glad! :D If you haven’t checked out my ‘homophobia' tag, that would be a good place to start probably…  

  • We Give a Damn would be good. It’s mostly about equality, but the Youth School/Suicide information could be helpful.
  • Day of Silence information (This Friday! Get excited!)
  • Think B4 You Speak, about taking a stand against anti-LGBT language
  • Some of GLSEN’s research, (The survey of 6,209 middle and high school students conducted during 2007 found that nearly 9 out of 10 LGBT students (86.2%) experienced harassment at school in the previous year.)

Those are good as far as homophobia among schools and youth goes, though I’m not sure exactly what on homophobia you’re trying to cover since it’s such a wide topic. Good luck and write me again if you have any more questions! :D

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Fuck Yeah Pokememe: In case you missed it...

this is the edit from the last post, felt like some people would want it to have it’s own post, so here you go and then that’ll be the end of it

EDIT: i understand at least one of you dudes got all pissy over the use of “Gay” on there. this is a terribly un-“pc” blog so like, i dunno, get over…

I understand what you and the comedian are trying to portray, but I still believe it’s quite offensive. The first thing he references towards gay people is 2 men blowing each other…. It just implies that all gay people do is have sex, and you might not think so, but it’ll infringe upon the minds of others that that’s all we do. I love your tumblr and it’s a nice escape from the PC society, but I do still believe that you should think before you speak :] Just because everyone at your school uses it doesn’t mean they’re right or not infringing slight to major homophobia on everyone else. And do you really want to speak like a middle schooler your whole life? ;] Find another word <3

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GLSENs Think B4 You Speak




Think B4 You Speak enters second phase.

After a remarkably successful first year of the “Think Before You Speak” campaign, the Ad Council and GLSEN launched a much harder-hitting second phase that will focus more directly on the consequences of anti-gay language. Download and share materials at thinkb4youspeak.com.

Think B4 you speak is a load of bullshit.

If you’re offended by someone saying, “That’s gay,” then you have problems you need to deal with that are completely unrelated to your homosexuality.

I respect GLSEN for the most part, but I think this whole thing is ridiculous. When someone says, “Oh, how gay” they’re not actually saying, “Oh! How homosexual!” They’re not using homosexual as a negative connotation, they’re using GAY. Which has more than one meaning.

If gay people are going to get pissed off because of it, then happy people should get pissed off too, because there are a lot more fucking happy people in the world than gay people.


And this is coming from a complete faggot, btw.

You can’t speak for all of us. Whenever I hear something described stupid described as gay, it hurts me because I feel like it’s offensive to my sexuality.

Also, I know gay used to mean happy, but now the only people who use that connotation are 80 year olds and the Flintstones theme song. Suddenly, it’s being used to mean stupid instead of homosexual.

It may not seem like it, and I know gay people and allies who use it to mean stupid too, but to everyone else it implants homophobia. I’ve heard children say things are “So gay!” before they even know what a homosexual is. When they grow up, they’re going to associate all LGBT with things that are stupid and shitty.

Words can hurt. Carl Walker-Hoover killed himself at 11 last year because of homophobic slurs. So maybe you don’t care, but obviously other people will.

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tumblr stop being gay




i’m trying to post a picture of my pretty new coat >:l

I believe the correct term is “Stupid” dear.

Or stolid, brainless, dazed, stupefied, dense, insensate, ludicrous, dim-witted, moronic, naive, doltish, dull, imbecilic, inane, dumb, simple minded, duncical, foolish, idiotic, mindless, obtuse, puerile, senseless, duncish, or sluggish.


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